EJO English and Maths offers tuition for all years across KS 1 & 2. English and Maths are core subjects in the curriculum, and are therefore compulsory up to GCSE. KS 1 & 2 enable children to transition from informal to more formal learning.

About KS 1&2 English

English is essential for thinking, learning and interacting in personal, social and work contexts throughout life. Fluency in English is an essential foundation for success in all subjects.

About KS 1&2 Maths

Maths gives children a wider understanding of how the world around them works and prepares them for making decisions, solving problems and processing everyday information.
Whether your child needs a little help to get to where they should be, needs some extra lessons to consolidate or get ahead or needs help with their homework, we can help.
Individual tutoring allows the teacher to really hone in on areas of weakness and provide tailor made lessons for each student. Working one-to-one with a teacher is not something that children have much opportunity to do in their school environment and affords the opportunity to work at the child's pace and on the child's specific needs. After an initial assessment a learning plan will be agreed and lessons will be designed based around this.
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Lessons can be online (if you are worried about face-to-face meetings with the teacher) or at our premises in Alton.
All teachers are DBS checked and have completed appropriate safeguarding awareness training.

Fun Story Writing Workshops

During school holidays we offer Story Writing Workshops in Alton for children aged 7-11. These are one week workshops with one hour per day of live lessons plus additional activities set to be completed at home. Next workshop during October Half Term. Contact hello@ejo.co.uk for more details.

The workshop will cover:

  • What makes a good story? Think of stories and characters you like and ask yourself what makes them good or interesting.
  • Mind mapping ideas - using pictures to stimulate ideas
  • Planning your story – scene, characters, build-up, problem, resolution, conclusion
  • Character development – personality, likes, dislikes, appearance
  • Planning – language support adjectives, adverbs, connecting words, past tense verbs, time words. How to develop characters and plots
  • Writing a first draft - how do you like your story? What do you like? What can you do to make it better? Editing checklist – use of a checklist to make sure your story contains all it needs to. Peer checking using checklist.
  • Final draft – after working on all of the above you are ready to write your story.
  • Price £30 for the workshop and feedback from the tutor. Certificate of attendance for all who complete the workshop.