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Who is this Course For?
It is for managers, executives and other key personnel who need training in English as part of their company's strategy for implementing its business plan and meeting its targets. Companies normally send a number of selected employees on this programme; either a number each year or a prescribed number over a single pre-arranged period. However, training is sometimes provided for one individual. EJO works very closely with companies in preparing, monitoring and evaluating these courses.
What Happens During Training?

Our host teachers are carefully selected for their skills and for their ability to deliver this type of training. Many have had careers in business or a relevant profession.

The programme normally combines systematic and rigorous training to develop the trainee's competence and confidence in using English with a specialist component.

The specialist component normally runs in parallel. This is obviously determined by individual company requirements and is planned in detail before the start.

We use up to date training resources totally relevant to the needs of the individual programme.

What Kind of Areas do you offer specialist training in?

Examples of training in specialist areas of English that EJO has provided for companies are:

  • Introducing the company's product to the market
  • Making presentations in English
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Telephone calling and telephone sales
  • Buying and selling in the investment world
  • Preparing briefs, specifications and reports
  • Preparing instruction manuals
  • Developing English skills for teaching or instructing in specialist fields

However, the requirements of individual companies differ considerably and there are, of course, many other possible specialist component areas which may be asked for.

The daily routine and timetable is obviously discussed between you and your host and depends on your needs and the specific language areas you wish to focus on. As an example, a typical weekday on a twenty-hour-per week course might be the following:

  • 08.00
  • Breakfast with your host teacher
  • 09.15 - 10.15
  • Lesson 1 - Review of the different ways of expressing the future in English and intensive practice
  • 10.30 - 11.30
  • Lesson 2 - Specialist component — Planning the presentation: the beginning, middle and end; timing
  • 11.45 - 12.45
  • Lesson 3 - The use of audio-visual resources
  • 13.00
  • Lunch with your host teacher
  • Afternoon visit to local company and meeting personnel
  • 18.00-19.00
  • Early evening TV news and current affairs programme
  • 19.00
  • Evening meal with your host teacher
  • 19.45-20.45
  • Private study assignments arising out of morning's lessons
  • 21.00 — 22.00
  • Opportunity for free time, private study, relaxation or socialising
1. Please complete the enrolment form.
2. You let us know:
  • which course you would like to take
  • when you would like to come to England
  • how long you would like to come for
  • any special learning priorities or other requests or questions you may have
3. We then get in touch with you or your agent to:
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • send you a description of a host teacher we believe will be suitable for you
  • progress your booking
  • Comfortable accommodation and all meals in the home of your host teacher
  • Living as part of the household during the stay
  • Introduction to the local area
  • Your chosen number of hours of English tuition each week (20, 25 or 30)
  • Testing and Needs Analysis and a course designed to meet your individual needs
  • Use of up-to-date course resources
  • The support of the EJO Director of Studies
  • Excursions as arranged if booked in advance
  • Course report, including suggestions from your host teacher for further study after your course
  • Certificate of Attendance
At extra cost:
  • Travel from and to your own country
  • Meeting on arrival and travel between point of arrival and departure in the UK and host teacher's home
  • Expenditure associated with any excursions, local outings and visits (unless asked for and booked in advance)
  • Your travel Insurance (EJO can make arrangements for this if asked to do so in advance)
Intensive English Courses for adults where the focus is on improving your language skills as quickly and efficiently as possible.