Writing for Business B2 is an online writing course designed for learners who need to improve their business correspondence skills. It covers a variety of everyday business situations and provides realistic writing practice in the form of emails, letters, reports, presentations and memos.
Level: CEFR B2
Number of Lessons: 30 (Part 1 15 lessons and Part 2 15 lessons)
Lesson Duration: Approx. 60 mins
Key Content: Writing emails, Formal letters, Reports, Presentations, and Memos

Writing for Business is available for use on a PC, laptop or 9.6”+ tablet via a browser.

About Writing for Business

Writing for Business isfor students who need to improve their writing skills in business contexts.

Those who are willing to study 2-3 hours a week over several months will see a significant improvement in their ability and will have increased confidence in managing communication with colleagues in a wide range of business situations.


Each lesson begins with a Case Study which clearly summarises the context and the objectives for the lesson. This is followed by a series of activities to help students learn to plan, draft, and finalize their writing before applying their skills to a realistic writing task. Students are fully supported with tips and writing models before they move on to complete the final task.

  • 30 lessons at B2 level
  • Topics and tasks that cover a wide range of everyday business contexts.
  • Structured practice to help learners plan, draft and finalize their writing with helpful tips and model writing for reference.
  • Printable end-of-lesson reviews with model texts, dos and don’ts and useful phrases.
  • Built-in progress updates and an end of course test to measure improvement.

Lessons follow a systematic cycle of presenting the context and objectives, practice and preparation, and completion of a realistic writing task. The material is broken down into short modules so that students can begin a lesson, take a break and simply pick up where they left off.

  • Lessons are pre-selected at B2 level.
  • Each lesson is based on a realistic, everyday business situation.
  • An introductory Case Study and Objective are presented so students clearly understand what they will do in their writing tasks.
  • Students are supported through a clear training cycle where they learn to plan, draft and finalize their work.