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We can provide courses on a two-to-one basis if you have a friend or colleague who has the same level as you and who can travel with you

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If you need a visa to come to the UK, we can provide a letter supporting your application. In order to do this we will need your passport number and it is very important that you give us your name exactly as it is written in your passport. There is no charge for this but there is a charge of £50.00 to deliver the original letter to you by courier. It is also very important that we have your postal address, an email address and a mobile telephone number on which the courier can contact you in case there is any problem with the delivery.

Method Of Payment:

A non-refundable deposit of £100 is required to process your enrolment. We will send you an invoice showing the amount you will need to pay and when. We accept the following methods of payment

All fees should be paid to:

Elizabeth Johnson Organisation LLP
Account No: 8383 5561 - Bank sort code 20-90-56
Barclays Bank plc, Weybridge Branch, Walton on Thames Group
PO Box 193, 8/12 Church Street
Walton on Thames, Surrey KT12 2YW

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