English Home Lesson Teachers

Students stay in your home as a member of the household! You provide regular sessions of one-to-one individual tuition which follow a plan designed especially for the student.

English Home Lessons:

Host Teachers (Year Round - especially June, July and August)

Download Information Pack (Teacher Information, Application Form) Zip File 503kb

EJO looks for host teachers who are able to provide the following services on a freelance, fee-earning basis:


  • A warm welcome for students
  • Concern for the welfare and safety of students and responsibility in loco parentis for those who are under 18 years of age
  • Appropriate accommodation for students within the home and an appropriate area for the scheduled teaching sessions
  • An environment and atmosphere conducive to learning both during the scheduled teaching sessions and at all other times
  • Inclusion of students in everyday activities and normal daily life
  • Members of the household entering into the spirit of the programmes
  • Sensitivity to the needs of individual students
  • Course content as contracted
  • An appropriate appearance and professional manner throughout the programme

The scheduled tuition programme:

  • An in-depth discussion with students at the beginning of the stay to identify individual needs and objectives
  • A carefully planned course, both the programme as a whole and individual lessons within it
  • Appropriate aims and objectives for the course and for individual lessons
  • A regular schedule of tuition
  • Delivery of the contracted number of hours of tuition
  • Tuition sessions that begin and end on time
  • Provision of a variety of resources that are prepared, presented and used in an appropriate manner
  • The source of any photocopied material appropriately acknowledged
  • Course and lesson planning documented
  • All course records properly completed and returned as required