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What are Intensive English Courses and who are they for?
These courses are for anyone determined to make improvements in their English in a short period of time. You will stay in the home of one of our carefully selected homestay hosts as a member of the household! Therefore, you will have the opportunity to learn English from the moment you arrive right up until the moment you leave. So that means all day every day!
On an Intensive English Course you will have regular one to one lessons which follow an agreed plan designed specifically to meet your English language needs. You will agree this plan with your teacher on your first day and review it as you progress through your course.

EJO offers the following Intensive English Courses:

  • General English
  • Business and Professional English
  • Exam Preparation, for example, IELTS, Cambridge Exams

We also offer:

  • 2:1 courses where you come with a friend, colleague or family member with the same level of English as you.
  • Courses for families where the members of a family are accommodated with the same homestay host.
  • Courses with independent accommodation (hotel, guesthouse or privately arranged) where the teacher comes to you to deliver the tuition programme.

The advantages are:

  • a total immersion course with lessons planned specifically for you
  • a teacher whose full attention is focused on you and your needs
  • no classmates to share your teacher with and to hold up learning
  • working on your needs at your own pace
  • learning English all day long
  • fast track improvement in your English
  • learning in an English only environment
  • the flexibility to spend as much time as you need on any language area
  • the opportunity to change your course plan as you progress and discover something new that you need to work on

You can decide to have 15, 20, 25 or 30 hours of lessons each week.

You have the flexibility to start your course when it is most convenient for you and you can stay for as long as you want. Most students come for one or two weeks, but longer stays are possible. Courses normally start on a Sunday.

We have homestay hosts available in Guildford, but if you are providing your own accommodation the course could be anywhere in England.

All of the teachers we use for Intensive English Courses are qualified to British Council standards. Some have had a career in teaching English in the UK or abroad and others have come into teaching from business or a profession. We will look at your requirements and then select who we feel would be the best teacher for you. Then we would send you a profile of the teacher and, if you are happy, reserve them for your course. It is as simple as that!

On the first morning of your Intensive English Course, you complete an English test and then sit down with your teacher to complete a Needs Analysis. This involves a detailed discussion with your teacher about your aims and objectives for your course and about specific language areas you wish to develop. From all of this your teacher will produce a plan for your lessons and this will be reviewed regularly as you go through your course.

When you are not having lessons you are living as a part of your homestay host’s household, participate in normal day to day life and have your meals with them. Many students enjoy going shopping with their homestay host, join them for local outings, meet their friends or just join in general activities in and around the home. You also have study assignments set by your teacher to complete. If you are providing your own accommodation then you will decide what you do outside of lesson time.

If you choose the EJO accommodation option then you will stay in the comfortable house or apartment of one of our carefully selected homestay hosts. You have your own room and a quiet place to study, either in your room or in a dedicated part of the home. Our Local Organiser regulkarly visits all of our homestay hosts to ensure the standards we require are being met.

Homestay hosts prepare the types of meals that they normally enjoy. Of course, they will speak with you about things that you like and dislike to make sure they do not prepare anything you know you would not enjoy. It is important that you let us know in advance if you have any dietary or other special food requirements. Meal times and the time spent watching hosts preparing meals are excellent opportunities for speaking in English!

  • Courses accredited by The British Council – widely recognized, independent quality assurance
  • All homestay hosts regularly visited and inspected and supported by our Local Organiser
  • All teachers qualified and experienced
  • All courses supported by EJO Director of Studies
  • Each student personally contacted by EJO during their course
  • EJO a member of English UK, the well-known professional, standard-setting association of English language course providers in the UK

It is very easy to enroll on a course. Just follow this link. It really is as easy as that!!

Intensive English Courses for adults where the focus is on improving your language skills as quickly and efficiently as possible.