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Intensive English Courses for adults

Need to make good progress with your English in a short period of time?

13th October 2017

Who are Intensive English Courses for?                               

These courses are for anyone who wants to maximise the benefits of a total immersion in English.  Total immersion in an English speaking environment can help you to make good progress with all your English language skills and provides the opportunity to continue the learning outside of the classroom.


What are the benefits of an Intensive English Course?

  • Your Intensive English Course will be totally immersive so you will not only be learning during planned lesson time, but also over meals, when relaxing with your hosts in the evening, on local visits or participating in normal family life 
  • Your teacher will carry out a comprehensive needs analysis in order to identify your needs and objectives and plan your course to meet these specific needs
  • You will not have to share your teacher with the rest of your classmates, as you have none - you are the only student and so your teacher can focus 100% on you and your langauge learning needs
  • Learning will be at the level and speed that you need it to be. You are in control. Lessons are prepared and adapted to your needs and enable you to work at your own speed
  • Intensive English Courses are very flexible. Your aims and objectives could change as your course progresses and your teacher will be able to change lesson content accordingly. You are not tied to a course book or a fixed course plan
  • You decide when you study. there are no fixed start dates for your course so you can fit it in around your work or free time. You tell us the most convenient time for you and we arrange your Intensive English Course for those dates.
  • Fast track improvement in your English


How do Intensive English Courses work?

How many English lessons do I have?

The choice is yours! You may have 15, 20, 25 or 30 hours of tuition each week (15 or hours on Junior courses).

When can I take my Intensive English Course and for how long?

You decide when you come and for how long. Courses normally start on a Sunday and end on a Saturday. Most of our students come for one or two weeks but some stay for longer.

Where can I take my Intensive English Course?

EJO has hosts and teachers in London and in the Guildford, Reading, Alton and Petersfield area, so across the South of England and very convenient for Heathrow, Gatwick and Luton airports.

What level of English do I need in order to benefit?

Intensive English courses are suitable for all levels from elementary to advanced. However, for Business and Professional English we recommend that participants are at intermediate level or above.


Who are the teachers and how are they chosen?

Teachers are qualified to British Council standards. Some have had careers in teaching; in language schools or in schools or colleges in the UK. Others have come into teaching from business or a profession.

We look at your requirements and choose the teacher we feel most suitable. We send you a profile of your teacher and, if you are happy, we reserve them for you. It couldn't be simpler!


How is the course designed to meet my needs?

On the first morning of your course, you complete an English test and a Needs Analysis. You have a detailed discussion with your teacher about your aims and objectives for your course and about specific language areas you wish to develop.

Whatever your needs, your host teacher plans a programme to meet them.


What about my accommodation?

All of our hosts are experienced at accommodating students. They are selected for their suitability and their ability to make students feel welcome and at home. You will have your own room and a dedicated learning area. All meals will be provided by your host and you will join in normally family life when you are not having lessons or completing homework assignmments. 

Alternatively, you can provide your own accommodation and we can either send a teacher to you or arrange for you to go to your teacher’s home for your lessons.


What previous students have said about their Intensive English Course


Giovanni is a freelance illustrator from Ancona in Italy and a graduate of the Instituto Europeo Di Design.  He has created thought provoking digital illustrations for children's stories, textbooks, magazines and his work has been featured in a number of different publications 


Giovanni enrolled on an Intensive English Course because he needed to improve his oral fluency, his ability to deal with telephone calls and because he needed to be able to communicate more effectively via email. These things were particularly important to him as he wanted to break into the US market and was very much aware that improving his English would help him achieve his goals

Giovanni says: "I was looking for something very specific and I'm glad to say that I found it. EJO gave me the flexibility I needed: lovely homestay host accommodation, one to one lessons with a visiting teacher, no boring grammar programme but a lot of things useful in everyday life and in business situations."


Sabrina attended two 1:1 Intensive English courses with EJO. She was kind enough to give us the following description of her experiences in her own words:

"Whenever I can I really like travelling and visiting new places.

As I use English for both my work and during my holiday abroad, I needed to improve my English. In particular enhance the fluency in speaking.


I chose to attend one-to-one Intensive English Courses as I have always wanted to spend a period in UK, stay in contact with English people and see their uses and lifestyle.


Moreover, I think that the best way to learn English is living with the host, because, especially for my needs, you can practice your speaking during the whole stay.


My experience with EJO is without any doubt worthwhile. I attended two courses and I had a good time with the teachers.  The lessons were well structured and tailored for my requests.

I think that EJO gives good assistance to students because they check if your stay is going well while you are there, so they can help you in case of any problem."



Sabrina and Giovanni’s experiences clearly demonstrate the benefits of the Intensive English Course concept.  

Despite having  demanding jobs they were able to choose to do their courses when it best suited them.  Having the flexibility to choose takes the pressure off and if you are relaxed and happy, you learn more!


How much does an EJO Intensive English course cost?


Follow this link to our prices page.


How can I book an Intensive English Course?

Follow this link to our course enrolment page. It could not be any easier.


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Intensive English Courses for adults

Need to make good progress with your English in a short period of time?

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