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English Language Courses for Juniors in Alton

18th December 2017

English Language Courses for Juniors in Alton

Alton is a market town south west of London. It is under an hour by road from Heathrow  Airport and around 75 minutes by road from Gatwick Airport.  It is well known for its regular Tuesday market day as well as other markets and fairs.

Alton railway station is on the main line to London and home of 'The The Watercress Line steam railway Watercress Line', a restored steam railway running through beautiful Hampshire countryside between Alton and Alresford. It is so called because it used to be used to transport fresh watercress to London.

The village of Chawton, famously the home of Jane Austen, an English novelist and author of such classics as 'Sense and Sensibility' and 'Pride and Prejudice', is close by and within easy walking distance.

Our course is based at Alton School, a long established and well known independent school.


Learn English with British children


One of the main features of our course for juniors in Alton is our British Friends who participate in the course. British Friends are local children of around the same age as our students who join our course. They will join lessons, be around at break and lunch time and join activities and most excursions. They provide an excellent opportunity for our students to find out for themselves what it is like growing up in the UK and practice their English as they do so! We generally have one British Friend per class.



Some of our welcoming hosts live within walking distance of the tuition centre. You may stay in a neighbouring town or village, such as Hollybourne or Chawton, within easy reach of Alton town centre by foot, car or bus. 

sample homestay host home


You live as a member of the household during your stay and there is no other student with the same first language as you staying in the home (unless you particularly asked that you stay in the same home as one of your friends). Students learning English on our summer English langauge courses for juniors are normally accommodated in twin rooms which they share with a student of a different nationality. Our accommodation and welfare organiser is always available during the course and will be pleased to give you any help you may need.



Hot lunch is provided by the school on tuition days. This is very similar to what students studying at Alton School would be enjoying throughout the school year. The hot lunch is included in the course price. 


Course Programme


If you enrol on our English Language course for juniors in Alton you have 20 x 45 minute lessons of English each week. There are also afternoon activities either at the school or locally and excursions midweek and on all Saturdays except your departure Saturday. 

The excursion programme always includes a visit to London Big Ben in London

as well as trips to other places of interest such as Brighton, Oxford, Thorpe Park or Windsor. You would have one evening activity each week and this is normally a disco. Your homestay host will collect you at the end of the evening activity and 


How do I enrol?

Enrolment for our summer English Language course for Juniors in Alton is very simple. Just click on the link and then complete the enrolment form. It is as easy as that!

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