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Summer Programmes Homestay 2022 Price List for Children & Teenagers

Course Centre Ages Start Dates Last Dates 2 Weeks 13 nights 3 Weeks 20 nights 4 Weeks 27 nights Extra Night
Guildford 12-17 Sun 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 July Sat 6 August £1550 £2385 £3220 £65
Prior's Field 12-17 Sun 17 July Sat 30 July £1550 - - £65

Summer Programmes Homestay 2022 Price List for Adults

Course Centre Ages Start Dates Last Dates 1 Week
Guildford Adult (Course Only) 18+ Sun 3, 10, 17, 24 July Sat 30 July £550 per week
Guildford Adult (Accommodation price) 18+ Sun 3, 10, 17, 24 July Sat 30 July £280 per week nett



Students wishing to stay with friends or relatives are very welcome. The weekly price for the course in any of our centres for children and teenagers includes the full programme of tuition, activities and excursions. Homestay centres £350 per week. Residential centres £435 per week.


Full Board Homestay: students have breakfast, lunch, (packed lunch on programme days) and an evening meal. All meals are taken with with your hosts on Sundays. Accommodation is usually in twin-bedded or three bedded rooms and we do not place two students of the same nationality together unless specifically requested to do so. Children of 12 years and under on our Young Learners course can be accommodated in pairs or threes, if requested.

Rickmansworth Homestay: students have lunch at school on 4 days per week, evening meal on two days per week and a packed lunch on two excursion days. Sunday is spent with homestay hosts.

Guildford Adults(18+) Homestay: Half-board accommodation. Price for accommodation is £250 nett per week if provided by EJO.

Extra nights

With programme, available in all locations at extra night prices shown above. These prices are strictly nett. Transfers are not included


Please note that students on homestay courses (except Young Learners course) will require bus passes. These are not included in the course price and students should budget bewteen £20 and £25 per week for these. EJO will assit with the purchase of these. EJO will obtain Guildford wide bus passes for all students on the Guildford course using Arriva buses (at cost)

* Daily transport to and from our Young Learners course

Daily supervised transport between homes and the school (by car or mini bus) is not included in the course price and costs £100.00 nett per person, per week


Centres for children and teenagers
One mid-week and one on Saturday (except on departure Saturday), Prior's Field School one on Monday and one of Friday except departure Monday, ie:
2 weeks (13 nights) = 3 full days
3 weeks (20 nights) = 5 full days
4 weeks (27 nights) = 7 full days

Guildford Adults
2 excursions per week

Mid-week arrivals and departures (does not apply to Prior's Field School)

Groups of students arriving on any day outside weekends may be taught in single nationality groups until the following Monday. Any students arriving or departing during the week may miss lessons, activities or excursions programmed for the mid-week arrival day. These will not be made up nor can EJO offer reimbursement for lessons, activities or excursions missed as a result of mid-week arrivals or departures. Mid-week arrivals may be subject to an additional excursion charge


BEG-Beginners INT-Intermediate EL-Elementary ADV-Advanced

Prices are per person in Pounds Sterling