Pure Practical English (A2+)

Pure Practical English (A2+) is a 3 course general English package for pre-intermediate level and above learners that helps improve core language skills and boost confidence.

Practical English 7 is a general English course for elementary to advanced level learners that helps students improve their core English skills in the most efficient way possible. It guides users through an adaptive learning path, and improves their overall English ability with a specific focus on grammar, listening and reading. Practical English 7 can be used across a range of devices, allowing for seamless mobile study.

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Pronunciation Practice A2+ and above is designed to be used as a supplement to Practical English 7. The course uses speech recognition software to allow learners to practice their pronunciation of key words and phrases from Practical English 7, and to improve their overall accuracy with intonation and specific phonemes.

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WordMine 2 Vocabulary is designed for learners at A2 level and above who want to improve their range and control of new vocabulary. The course will help students master hundreds of new words in context.

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Course prices:

1 course: £75

2 courses: £100

Included within the course fee:

  • Enrolment (no registration fee to be added to cost of course)
  • Programme of lessons as described for the course
  • 12 months access from date of registration
  • Certificate of Completion

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